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Toadstool Hoodoos

Our guests enjoy this easy 1.6 mile round-trip hike only fifteen minutes from the b&b.   Directions 


Paria Rimrocks Toadstool hoodoosThe Paria Rimrocks are an amazing collection of hoodoos, badlands, and other interesting rock formations found in the area located between the Cockscomb Fault and the southern section of Cottonwood Canyon Road just north of US 89.   


The most easily accessible formation within Rimrocks is Toadstool Hoodoo—a spectacular mushroom shaped rock spire that is accessed from the trailhead found along the north side of US 89 between mile marker 19 and 20. A toadstool is a spire like feature with a boulder perched atop a pedestal rock, like a mushroom—they form when softer rock erodes away, leaving a column sheltered from wind and water. To see this unique collection of such formations for yourself, turn into the dirt parking area and then walk through the hikers’ gate heading north into the wash—continue hiking within the meandering wash or follow the footpath that parallels the dry creek bed. The trail affords the hiker fantastic panoramic views of the surrounding scenery and on a macro level, excellent wildflower viewing including sego lily, yucca, and penstemon as it climbs through the colorful badlands.   more photos 


Horseshoe bend trail near Page, AZClimb over a low badland and you will find yourself gazing upon the first set of toadstools in the hoodoo garden—among them, the Red Toadstool. Take your time exploring the Red Toadstool, and then feel free to wander about the rim discovering the other hoodoos found hidden within recessed areas of the cliffs.   more photos


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Tripadvisor reviews for Paria Rimrocks Toadstool Hoodoos"We loved the toadstool hoodoos!  Fun short hike with otherworldly formations"



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